Poetry and such

Poetry has been part of the tapestry of my being for a long time. I confess that I am totally undisciplined. I write when motivated by a new idea, a new way of looking at things, a special occasion or a passing event.  I am most often in a reactive mode, reacting to events swirling around me.  Sometimes, I write just because there is an event coming up to which I am obligated or determined to contribute. Here is an example:  On account of Valentine’s Day looming and the Friends of the Dripping Springs Community Library newsletter (editor, yours truly) providing a convenient outlet, here we go with Armadillo Love.



Armadillo Love

His back is kinda scaly
In fact, it’s downright hard
And lest his snout impale me
I’m always on my guard

His breath is something awful
His tongue is sticky, too
Digging is his passion
That’s all he wants to do

His eye sight, it is iffy
Can’t see you all that well
He compensates quite nicely
With awesome sense of smell

It’s said that he can hold his breath
Six minutes at a crack
Which comes in mighty handy
When digging for a snack

His antics have destroyed my yard
He’s made a great big mess
But he’s so cute, I care not
I readily confess

With all his faults, I love him
If all the same to you
I’ll keep this armadillo
I know he loves me too


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